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Винтажные фотографии 2-ой Мировой войны в Африке, начало 1940-х гг.

Фотографии времён 2-ой Мировой войны в Африке: Алжире, Сьерра-Лионе, Гане, Нигерии в начале 1940 гг.
Шла война за передел мира и перемену финансовой системы:
на смену британскому паунду пришёл американский доллар,
по результатам 2-ой Мировой войны Великобритания (Лондон-сити)
потеряла ВСЕ свои колонии.

Северо-Африканская кампания 2-ой Мировой войны в цвете!

World War 2 • North African Campaign • In colour

Africa in the early 1940s

African girl in Northwest in 1943

African girls in hair styles, 1943

Africans in 1943

Airport in North Africa in 1943

Algeria in early 1943

Algeria or Morocco, ca. 1943

American servicemen near Rock Street in Freetown, November 7, 1942

Bomber in flames in Africa, December 21, 1942

Camel transport in North Africa in 1943

Camp Kissy, Sierra Leone, November 7, 1942

Children in Africa during WWII

Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1942

Freetown, Sierra Leone, November 7, 1942

Man with leopard, 1943

Martin 187 Baltimore attack-bomber in flames during World War II in Africa

Men from Northern Nigeria, 1943

Military hospital in Africa in 1943

Mother and child, Africa, 1942-43

North Africa (Morocco or Algeria) in 1943

North Africa about 1943

North Africa during World War II

North Africa during WWII

North Africa in 1943

Northern Nigeria in 1943

Northwest Africa in 1943

P-40s flying over airport; C-47 on ground, Algeria, ca. 1943

Pulling in a fishing net in Ghana, 1943

Pulling in a fishing net in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, ca. 1943

Somewhere in Africa, 1943

Somewhere in West Africa, 1943

Southern Ghana in 1942

Streets in Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1942.

Streets in Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1942

The plane is a Martin Baltimore type IIIA bomber which crashed on takeoff near Accra, Gold Coast (now Ghana),
December 12, 1942

World War II in Africa, ca. 1943

Wrecked Italian aircraft in 1943

African baby in basket during WWII

(Photos from John Atherton),

Больше фото 2-ой Мировой войны в Африке смотрите по ссылке:


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