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США в конце 19-го-начале 20-го вв. Восстановление цивилизации после Великой катастрофы.

Фотографии, на которых показано восстановление цивилизации после Великой планетарной катастрофы.
Было одно государство на всю планету. Такие же виды транспорта и промышленной техники, такая же роскошная архитектура были по всему миру. Была единая финансовая система, основанная на мексиканском серебряном долларе.

Alhambra Water Delivery truck in Oakland, California

A view from the Williamsburg Bridge, looking west in Manhattan, New York City

Anaconda Copper Mine in Butte, Montana

Atlantic Type Passenger of New York Central and Hudson River Railroad

Barnum Bailey Circus from 91 Division St., New York City

Berkeley Steel Company Works in Richmond, California

Boston Crowded Street

Boston's Post Office Square

Central Square Station, New York City

Central Square Station, New York City

Cliff House as seen from atop Sutro Heights, San Francisco

Coney Island, New York City

Court St. bridge in Binghamton, New York City

Dayton Motor Bicycle, Ohio

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Fire Engine at the Jenny Figgi's Fire on Bedford Ave., New York City

Gray's Casino on White Lake located in the town of Bethel, New York City

Group of people waiting for their train to arrive at Conomo Station in Essex County, Massachusetts

Horse drawn ladder truck, Somerville, New Jersey

Horse race in Whitney Point, New York City

Looking West, Plainsboro, New Jersey

Massachusetts Central Railroad Bridge

Massachusetts State House on Park St. looking north in Boston

Meat market some place in Seattle, Washington

Men with an old Russell Cyclone Thresher, The Russell Company, Massillon, Ohio
(Циклонная молотилка)

Museum of Natural History, New York City

N.H. ORR Store somewhere in Maine

New York Subway construction

Old slave market in St. Augustine, Florida

Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC

Pipeline construction, New York City

Plainsboro Trolley Station, New Jersey

Railroad Station in Philadelphia

Republican National Convention held at the Chicago Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois

Ringling Brothers circus parade, Dana, Massachusetts

Ringling Brothers circus parade, Dana, Massachusetts

Street scene somewhere in Kansas

T.O. Mason Fancy Groceries, Ohio

The Ansonia at 2109 Broadway, between West 73rd and West 74th Streets, New York City

The Barge Office, New York City

The beginning stages of construction of the Wachusett Dam in Clinton, Massachusetts

The construction of Harlem River Drive in New York City

The Dewey Arch at Madison Square in Manhattan, New York

The Oakland Civic Auditorium (Kaiser Convention Center) under construction, California

The Sutro Bath House, San Francisco

Tour bus traveling through the Wawona Tunnel Tree in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park, California

Truck parked at a San Francisco Standard Oil Co. gas station

Ulster & Delaware Engine 22 shown at Kingston Point in Kingston, New York City

Union Ave., Long Island, New York City

United Engineering Works located in Oakland, California

Van Courtlandt Park, Bronx, New York City

View of New York from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York City

Welton St., Denver, Colorado

workers of the construction of the Frankford Street elevated railroad, Philadelphia

134th and Anns, New York City

134th and Brook Ave., New York City

134th St., New York City

A trolley accident in Boston

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