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Талантливый мастер превращает старые перевозки лошадей в люксовые мобильные дома за £60,000.

Дин Карго, 33-летний мастер-золотые руки, приобрёл старые изношенные перевозки для лошадей и совершил чудо: за 6 месяцев неустанной творческой работы до неузнаваемости пребразил их. Водоснабжение, обогрев, электричество, душ, кухня с духовкой, туалет-все удобства. В таких мобильных домах можно прекрасно жить и путешествовать, к тому же купить их не так дорого, как дом или квартиру.
Покупка таких изношенных старых перевозок, которым уже 30 лет и более, и дальнейшая их модернизация, является прекрасным способом вложения денег и отличным бизнесом.

Transformation: The Mercedes horsebox may be 30 yaers old, but is now a luxury mobile home

Redeveloped: The height of the ceiling was raised to create space for a double bed

Homely: The mobile property pictured from the outside, complete with wood-stained panels

Cosy: The quirky build is designed for maximum functionality and even includes a fireplace

He's cooked up a great idea! The mobile homes even boast a stunning, hand-made kitchen 

More power to him! Electricity sockets are fitted to ensure the home can be gadget-packed

More power to him! Electricity sockets are fitted to ensure the home can be gadget-packed

Benchmark: A makeshift sofa is created from wooden ledge which is decorated with cushions  

Ta-dah! The process takes roughly six months to complete, with impressive results

Power is provided by a gas tank and solar panels and a wood burner keeps the place piping hot

The transformation even includes a hipster-approved shower cubicle

Yes, it flushes! Craftsman Mr Crago made convenience a priority by adding a working toilet

Aesthetically pleasing: Logs are also used to create the feeling of being inside a cabin

Stripped bare: The process begins by stripping the inside of the vehicle, such as ripping the flooring and any fittings out to present a blank canvas

Stylish: All the cabinets, worktops, paneling and flooring is cut from wooden pallets, which are made as thin as possible to maximise space and decrease weight

Original state: A snapshot of the manure and hay-filled horsebox when it was first acquired 

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